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  • Nepalese turquoise and coral focal bead
  • White and terra cotta or azul glass
  • 28"

This longer piece was inspired by the detailed turquoise and coral focal bead from Nepal. Designed and named to evoke calm, this necklace invites you to take a moment to stop and reflect. The white and terra cotta glass from Ghana and Indonesia are the perfect complement. Pairs well with Petite Kirsten and Reflection.

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About the brand

Informed by her travels around the world, Saskia’s pieces – from necklaces to earrings to bracelets – reflect a desire to connect the world through beauty. In her original designs, made with hand-selected materials from around the world, Saskia shares the stories of the places she has visited and makes connections that bring the world a little bit closer together. Every bead tells a story.