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Lunar or Later 3D Printed Necklace

Lunar or Later 3D Printed Necklace

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This simple star and moon Y necklace can be worn everyday for a simple statement or pull the star lower for a more dramatic look. 

We took one of our specialties (super small prints) and made some pieces that are perfect for mixing, matching, and layering up. You can choose to wear just one for a delicate nod or add more for a unique and layered approach that will give that perfect chic vibe.

Use our necklace extender or necklace separators to make it easy to layer necklaces at different lengths and without tangles. 


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About the brand

R+D is centered around digital fabrication using sustainable resources. Our primary brand, Kitsch, Please, is bold, colorful, and original 3D printed jewelry. It is made in NYC and printed with plant-based materials. It's lightweight and easy-to-wear so you can conquer your day with a style all your own. From the outside, R+D is about having fun: We use a lot of puns and make things that make people smile and laugh. Behind the scenes, we’re quite serious about our commitments: to getting the details right, to the environment, and to our community.